Deputy Injured in Accident at Scott St and City St in Wichita Falls, TX

November 13, 2023
Victim's Name(s)
Type of Accident
Car Accident
Alcohol/Drugs Suspected

Where it Happened

Scott St and City St, Wichita Falls, TX

Additional Information

Investigating Officer or Authority
Texas Department of Public Safety
Vehicles Involved
Chevrolet Tahoe (Patrol Unit)
Scott St and City St
Injuries Sustained

Serious injuries

Apparent/Alleged Cause of Accident

Chevrolet Tahoe (Patrol Unit) collided with parked, unoccupied vehicles

What Happened

Area authorities are investigating a crash that injured a man at Scott St and City St in Wichita Falls, TX on November 13th, 2023. Police say the incident happened around 2:58 a.m. Reports say a Chevrolet Tahoe for Wichita County Sheriff's Office was involved in an emergency response call proper to crossing standing water in the roadway. Officials say the vehicle lost control, possibly due to defective tires, and ended up colliding with several unoccupied vehicles. Reports say the 36-year-old deputy operating the vehicle was seriously injured and did not report any other injuries. Additional information was not available.

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