Two Killed; Three Injured in Accident at Horizon Blvd in Horizon City, TX

August 23, 2023
Victim's Name(s)
Type of Accident
Car Accident
Alcohol/Drugs Suspected

Where it Happened

Horizon Blvd, Horizon City, TX, USA

Additional Information

Investigating Officer or Authority
Horizon City Police
Vehicles Involved
Passenger Car
Horizon Blvd
Injuries Sustained

Fatal injuries (2) various injuries (3)

Apparent/Alleged Cause of Accident

Two vehicles were involved in a collision that occurred under unclear circumstances

What Happened

Area authorities are investigating a crash that killed two people at Horizon Blvd in Horizon City, TX on August 23rd, 2023. Police say the incident happened sometime around 9 p.m. and involved a pair of vehicles that collided under unclear circumstances. Officials say one of the vehicles involved overturned in the crash. It was stated two people involved were killed while three others were hospitalized with undisclosed injuries. Additional information was not available.

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