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After an accident, you want to know the facts, but most people outside of the legal field don't know how to get an official report. So just ask, and we'll do it for you for free. Simply fill out the form and we'll make an official request for the report, then email you a copy.

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How do lawyers get accident reports?

Most people get reports simply by calling the police, OSHA, etc. and asking for a copy. Oftentimes, the authorities blow people off or otherwise don’t make it a priority to share this information. Well, lawyers do it differently.

We typically draft a Freedom of Information Act Request and file it with legal department of the organization we want to get the info from. This obligates them to provide the information we want. Further, police reports and other accident reports are only part of the equation.

What you really need is the full investigative report (all the behind-the-scenes info) that will provide substantially more information. It’s all about knowing what to ask for and how to ask.

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