No-Nonsense Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimer

Grossman Law Offices will procure accident reports and other similar information and make it available at no charge to users of this service. However, we reserve the right to choose who can use this service. Ideally, our goal is to provide info to people whom we feel need it or have a right to it.

In other words, accident victims themselves, their relatives, etc. are our target audience, since they need to know what happened. We have no desire to provide information to spectators or curious members of the public. When prospective users of this service submit a request for a report or when they contact our firm to obtain accident information, we reserve the right to use our discretion to determine if we wish to provide information to the user. We also reserve the right to redact information contained within the provided report that we feel is sensitive in nature, and some state agencies only disburse redacted information to the general public.

By filling out a form and providing your contact information, you understand that we may contact you to obtain additional information to fulfill your request. Further, by submitting a comment in response to a particular story covered on this site, you understand that we reserve the right to publish your comments, but we will not publish your contact information (other than your screen name). Further, you give us the authority to obtain a copy of an official report on your behalf where needed.

We will never sell any information provided by any user of this site to any third party. Further, the sharing of this information in no way establishes an attorney-client relationship. This service is not an offer or solicitation for legal services in any way; we're simply trying to make public information available to people who need it, for free.

We are a private law firm and are not associated with any governmental entity. The information we obtain from official sources to share with others is not our property or under our control.

Lastly, we believe in freedom and equality under the law for all persons and never discriminate based on race, religion, sex, gender, ethnicity, creed, color, etc.